KK ULTRA Eggbutt bradoon 14 mm - Sensogan

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HighlightsThickness 14 mmRing-Ø55 mmRing typeEggbuttanatomically adapted mouthpiece, middle link shortened and angled forward by 45°noticeable im

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Thickness 14 mm
Ring-Ø55 mm
Ring typeEggbutt

  • anatomically adapted mouthpiece, middle link shortened and angled forward by 45°
  • noticeable improved effect in comparison to common double jointed bits
  • enables the rider to give fine and more sensitive aids and improves the contact
  • allows direct pressure transmission on the tongue and lower jaw due to the fixed mouthpiece
  • lies steady in the horse's mouth, gentle on the corners of the mouth

KK ULTRA bits are the pioneers of modern bits because they have been developed on the basis of scientific research. They achieve their unique, precise effect through the special 45° angle of the middle link. When used correctly, the horse’s confidence in the rider’s hand is enhanced, which is why these bits are used successfully worldwide in all disciplines and across all training levels – a genuine all-round talent!
Compared to conventional bits, the middle link has also been shortened. This anatomical adaptation noticeably optimises the effect compared to conventional double jointed bits.
When the reins are taken up, the middle link – also known as the “lozenge” because of its striking shape – gently rolls over the central part of the horse’s tongue, stimulating its sense of touch.

The fixed side pieces of this bit allow direct transmission of the rein aid to the horse's tongue and lower jaw. In addition, they are gentle on the sensitive corners of the mouth and provide a slight lateral limitation, enabling a particularly calm position in the horse's mouth.